Image simulation of lateral view during cataract surgery②

Trouble Cases

Poor Mydriasis

PSD file, 16MB

IOL cutting

PSD file, 14MB

Capsule rapture / IOL fixation out of the bag … external eye

PSD file, 24MB

Capsule rapture / IOL fixation out of the bag … innner eye

PSD file, 15MB

Hook IOL Curved Push and Pull Model (INAMI M-128C)
P-P Iris Hook (HANDAYA HS-2766)
Visitec I-Ring Pupil Expander
Scissors Spring Handle Type Curved (INAMI S- 511C)
Scissors Capsulotomy Vannus Curved (INAMI S-615C)
Shimowake Nucleus/ IOL Scissor, serrated(ASICO AE-5437)
Signature Diathermy(AMO)
Irrigation Claw Vectis Cannula(HANDAYA HS-9619)
crescent bevel up 2.3mm(MANI) MCU26
Troutman Razor Blede Holder straight 6mm round handle overall length 95mm(Geuder-19330)
Forceps Suturing and Tying Type T (INAMI M-2R)
Forceps Suturing Straight with Teeth and Platform 0.1mm(INAMI MB-011F)
Barraquer Needle Holder 10mm delicate jaws 0.5×0.55mm tip overall length 120mm curved,with lock(Geuder-17501)
9-0 virgin silk(MANI) 2020S
10-0 nylon(MANI) 1406S
Signature 23G A-vit(AMO)
Forceps IOL Gaskin(INAMI M-160R)
Spatula Miyake(INAMI M-47)